Bamboo Cotton Blend Flat Sheet - Pet Hair Resistant for Dogs/Cats Family

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Includes 1 flat sheet.

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Pet Hair Resistant

Our innovative materials fend off fur, dander, and dust, making it easy and efficient to keep your bedding clean. Perfect for families with pets and/or small children.

Temperature Regulation for Every Season

These sheets are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping experience all year round by keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The natural properties of bamboo make it an excellent material for bedding, as it wicks away moisture and allows for better airflow than traditional cotton sheets.


Our antistatic finish is highly effective in repelling pet hair, fine dust, and dander. Additionally, it provides protection against unnecessary static friction and damage to your hair and skin.

Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic

Ideal for sensitive skin, bamboo materials are hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals, and naturally resistant to bacteria.

*Suitable for cold sleepers, hot sleepers, pet owners, people with allergies


60% Bamboo fiber + 40% Cotton


Keep your bamboo sheets fresh with these care tips.

Neutral Detergent
Machine Wash Cold
Do Not Bleach
Machine Dry Low Heat
Max Temp 110°C or 230°F

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What bedding is best for people with dogs and cats?

We redesign all textile essentials to meet the pet family’s needs, with the environment in mind

Welcome furry friends to your life, easy and free

Why Bamboo Cotton?

Learn about Bamboo Cotton properties


Perfect for families with dogs and cats

High density bamboo cotton bedding improves toughness for snag-free performance; no more claw scratches and holes in your bed.

Anti-odor and Anti-bacterial

Enjoy sleeping with your furry mate

Bamboo naturally contains anti-bacterial substance "bamboo quinone" which makes it anti-odor and anti-microbial. Enjoy sleeping with your furry friends.

BIdeal for cold sleepers + hot sleepers

Regulates body temperature

Body temperature-regulating slashop innovative bamboo cotton fabric absorbs and distributes excess body heat —cooling you when you're hot, and warming you when you're cold.

Furry friends approved

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