Our story

Slashop was founded with the forward slash in mind. We represent possibilities, options, extension, expansion, and advancements for our consumers, and the world beyond. Our team of radically alternative innovators are bringing the future of fabric, comfort, and lifestyle to your present-day needs, 24 / 7 / 365.


Futuristic fixes for the modern problems

Our designers are innovating highly functional, comfortable, durable, sustainable fabrics and designs that make life easy, elegant, and efficient. Pillowcases infused with skincare? Sheets that don’t snag or cause static, and repel pet fur? High-absorbency and quick-drying fabrics that feel as comfortable as a second skin? Slashop’s designers are true magicians!


Bringing ease to everyday essentials

In our productivity-oriented culture, Slashop aims to make your 24/7 experience more comfortable, practical, and efficient. Our forward-thinking fabrics take ease of care to a new level, thanks to their bacteria-busting, highly durable, quick-drying nature. Choose your comfort between our supple and soft Bamboo or crisper, cooling Eucalyptus, and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your fabrics outperform and outlast the competition in comfort, durability, sustainability, and style.