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Meet our Pet Hair Repellent Bamboo Duvet Cover – a game-changer for pet-friendly homes. Designed to easily repel pet hair, dander, and dust, it ensures a consistently clean living space. Made from bamboo viscose, it's more than a bedsheet – providing breathability for hot sleepers and a silky-smooth touch. Enjoy the luxury without the hassle, saying goodbye to bedtime fuss.
  • Pet hair repellent for an always spotless living space.
  • Made with bamboo viscose fabric ensuring breathability, tailor-made for hot sleepers.
  • Temperature regulation that turns your bed into a cozy cocoon.
  • Easy to clean and machine washable for effortless maintenance.
  • Gentle on your skin with a silky-smooth feel.

* Please note, this product is a protective layer for your comforter/duvet and does not come with a filling.

Bamboo Duvet Cover - Pet Hair Repellent for Dogs/Cats Family

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