ChillGuard Comforter - Cooling & Pet Hair Repellent for Hot Sleepers/Pet Parents

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Instant, Long-Lasting Cooling Effects

Stay cool throughout the night with our double-sided fabric that instantly cools and maintains a refreshing touch. Hypoallergenic and safe, it harnesses the fabric's structure and high thermal conductivity to provide a cooling effect without the use of chemicals.

Perfect for Pet Parents

Designed specifically with pet parents in mind, our comforter repels pet hair and creates a cool and comfortable sleeping environment for you and your furry friends! Enjoy a pet-friendly home with our unique fabric that prevents hair from sticking and ensures a fresh and clean sleeping experience.

Superior Comfort, Akin to Cashmere

Indulge in luxurious, silky softness with our ultra-fine smooth yarn blended with stretchy spandex, resulting in a comforter softer than cashmere.

Durable and Machine Washable

Our comforter can withstand repeated washes without sagging, shrinking, or pilling, ensuring its long-lasting durability.


To keep your comforter in optimal condition, we recommend the following:

Gentle wash cycles

Do not bleach

Do not iron

Do not dry clean

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