Bamboo Pillowcases - Pet Hair Resistant for Dogs/Cats Family

Size Guide

Includes 2 pillowcases.

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* The sage green trial set comes with 2 pillowcases and 1 sleep mask.

Pet hair Resistant:

Our innovative materials fend off fur, dander, and dust altogether, making it easy and efficient to keep clean. Perfect for families with pets and/or small children.


Bamboo fibers are known for their moisture-wicking properties, meaning they can help absorb excess moisture and sweat while you sleep. This can help you stay dry and comfortable, particularly during humid or sweaty nights.

Anti-bacterial & Hypoallergenic:

Ideal for sensitive skin, bamboo materials are hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals, and naturally resistant to bacteria.

Absurdly Soft:

Bamboo is naturally soft and smooth material that feels gentle on the skin. Bamboo pillowcases and sleep masks provide a luxurious feel and a silky smooth texture that can help you relax and sleep more comfortably.

*Ideal for hot sleeper


Shell: 100% Bamboo fiber


Neutral Detergent
Machine Wash Cold
Do Not Bleach
Machine Dry Low Heat
Max Temp 110°C or 230°F

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