Bamboo Fitted Sheet - Pet Hair Repellent for Dogs/Cats Family - Final Sale

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Includes 1 fitted sheet.

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Sleep easy and unbothered. Our anti-static finishing effectively prevents the absorption of pet hair and fine dust and danders, and protects your hair and skin from unnecessary static friction and damage. Immerse yourself and your lovely pets into our sheets without a second thought of unwanted grip and resistance. The soft silk automatically brushes off hair and dust particles. This one is perfect for families with pets and/or small children.

Ultra-thin weaving high density
The super fine bedsheets are made with an innovative fabric that is totally smooth and anti-friction. This makes the material of the fabric incredibly durable and resilient so it is slightly hooked to effectively rebound when stretched. For a unique and sophisticated sleeping experience, the thin weaving gives an amazing finish to your bedsheets. The fine weaving cotton is combed to filter out impurities and ensure superb strength.

Temperature controlling
Sweating throughout the night? The new sweet combination of bamboo-cotton blend bedding uses high-density materials and tightly woven techniques. We carefully monitor the composition of cotton and bamboo and take into consideration factors like thickness, density, and twist for each of our sheets. So that, the cold doesn't get your skin and chills you to the bone.
The modern weaving process enables us to manufacture sheets that breathe! Our super breathable bamboo fabric stays cool in the summer and slightly warm in winter helping your body to regulate temperature accordingly.

Anti-bacterial & Hypoallergenic
Got sensitive skin? No worries! Our smooth bedsheets are ideal for sensitive skin. Bamboo-cotton blend materials are hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals, and naturally resistant to bacteria so you can have a safe sleeping space. The bamboo bedding is better than ordinary silk as it is smooth on your face, and hair and does not create static or heat of silk.


Keep your bamboo sheets fresh with these care tips.

Natural Detergent
Machine Wash Cold
Do Not Bleach
Machine Dry Low Heat
Max Temp 110°C or 230°F

For additional questions, please contact us.

Bamboo properties


Free from chemicals

Bamboo is known for being one of the fastest-growing and regenerative plants. Once harvested, it can replenish itself within a year and requires no fertilizer, pesticides, or chemicals to grow. 

Pet friendly

Enjoy sleeping with your furry mate

Naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, rest soundly knowing your sheets are safe from harmful bacteria.


Forget about hot flashes

Breathable and moisture-wicking bamboo fabric feels degrees cooler than cotton. Never worry about hot flashes again!

Our responsible materials


Biobased material, water-saving, biodegradable.


Regenerative, water + energy-efficient, bio circular.


Developed by NASA, let science keep you warm.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"My new sheets are incredibly soft & excellent for hot sleepers. Most comfortable sleep ever."
— dinaraxyz
Customer reviews
The sheets are beautiful with a soft luxury feel. I've been sleeping more comfortably ever since!
— sabrinagagnelussien
Customer reviews
We got new sheets for our bed. They are hypoallergenic, very soft & silky.
— lafamilialatorre