Lightweight Bamboo Quilt - Pet Hair Repellent for Dogs/Cats Family - Final Sale

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Includes 1 quilt.

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Super Lightweight

This quilt strikes the perfect balance between insulation and weight, providing warmth without feeling heavy. Enjoy a cozy and comfortable night's sleep without feeling weighed down or overheating.

Breathable & Antibacterial

Stay fresh and comfortable with a comforter made from materials that promote airflow, prevent overheating, and offer natural antibacterial properties. Experience a clean and hygienic sleep environment, even with daily use.

Pet Hair Repellent

Our innovative fabrics effortlessly repel pet hair, dander, and dust, ensuring easy maintenance and a clean living space. This makes it an ideal choice for pet owners and families with young children, keeping your home free from unwanted allergens.


100% premium viscose from bamboo


To keep the product fresh, we recommend the following:

  • Use a neutral detergent
  • Machine with cold water
  • Machine dry using low heat
  • Do not bleach

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