Waterproof Sofa Cushion for Pets


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Our waterproof sofa cushion is a comfortable place for your pets to sleep, lounge, and play. It protects your sofa and furniture from daily wear and tear, scratches, pet hair, potty accidents and spills. It can also transform an old, worn-out couch into a stunning centerpiece of your room.

* Waterproof

* Super easy to install/put on

* Non-slip foam anchors and elastic straps to keep it in place

* Make over your old sofa or protect a new one


S (cm/inches):

75 x 75cm / 15.7'' x 30'' x 30''

M (cm/inches):

75 x 120cm / 30'' x 47''

L (cm/inches):

90 x 90cm / 35'' x 35''

XL (cm/inches):

90 x 120cm / 35'' x 47''