Waterproof Sofa Cover for Pets


Includes 1 piece of sofa cover.

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Our elegant, waterproof sofa cover (couch cover) is perfect for frequently updating the look of your living room at no extra cost. This is a non slip cover; its PVC patterned backing prevents it from shifting around.

* Stylish and luxurious

* Waterproof

* Scratch-resistant

* Easy to put on and remove

This product is one rectangular cover (not a set of covers) in the size selected. A range of available sizes allow to choose covers for the seat, arms, and back of the sofa/couch, depending on the needs. If you require more than one piece to protect your sofa/couch, please select the appropriate number of covers and sizes.


XS (cm/inches):

70 x 90cm / 27.5'' x 35''

S (cm/inches):

70 x 150cm / 27.5'' x 59''

M (cm/inches):

90 x 120cm / 35'' x 47''

L (cm/inches):

90 x 210cm / 35'' x 83''

XL (cm/inches):

110 x 160cm / 43'' x 63''

XXL (cm/inches):

110 x 210cm / 43'' x 83''


Can be spot-cleaned using a cotton cloth and soapy water.