Corrugated board is an eco-friendly packaging material, comprised of recyclable materials like used cardboard cartons and old newspapers. Corrugated packaging is also reusable - many times cartons are folded up and stored for use again.


This recycling and reusing of corrugated cardboard help to reduce the energy and other resources required to produce it in the first place. Since it is sustainably created using a high percentage of recycled materials, the energy required to produce corrugated packaging is greatly reduced.

We aim to offset CO2 emitted from our entire supply chain—not just freight and customer shipments. That’s why we're working towards a closed-loop system where everything we take from our planet, we'll replenish, and nothing harmful will go back in.

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Biobased material, water-saving, biodegradable.


Regenerative, water + energy saving, biocircular.


Developed by NASA, let science keep you warm.