Virtual Store

We have created a metaverse where you can experience our production process and how we make bedding pet-friendly, all in the form of an immersive 3D story. Are you excited? Because we are!


The Blender Monster

Extracts nutrients from bamboo and other plants, which allowing the generation of valuable substances.

The Robotic Kitten

Absorbs the bamboo fiber extracted, and produces fine silk threads for textile production.

Weaving Monster

Can weave delicate threads into comfortable and silky fabrics that has high strength.

Dyeing Tank Monster

Makes delicate fabrics into attractive colors, but also improve the fabric's color fastness

Color-Making Monster

Produces protective solutions that makes the fabric fur-resistant and more durable.

Source of Magic

Obtained from plants like bamboo, it provides magical properties in creating Slashop’s high-quality textiles.