Bamboo is one of nature’s greatest gifts. Not only does it feed one of our cutest creatures, the majestic Panda, but it is also one of the Earth’s most sustainable materials with myriad health and environmental benefits. Naturally, we are thrilled to introduce Bamboo fibers as one of our futuristic fabrics!

Highly renewable, bamboo has a number of sustainable superpowers:

  1. It grows incredibly quickly — up to one yard per day! — and can be harvested without destroying the roots, allowing it to regrow again and again.
  1. It expertly and efficiently converts carbon into oxygen, making it a powerful ally in the fight against global warming. Scientists estimate that bamboo generates 30-35% more oxygen than it’s tree counterparts.
  1. Bamboo has vast and dense root systems that help capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide, protecting our environment from being damaged by it.
  1. It’s incredibly hardy and requires little human interference to flourish. That means no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, no forced irrigation (less water use), and less replanting.
  1. Turning bamboo into textile fibers has a much lower environmental impact than other textile fibers, especially synthetic styles.
  1. It is naturally anti-bacterial and disease resistant, making it safer for your skin and health.

slashop is proud to source our Bamboo in Szechuan, China — a playground for Pandas — and bring it to you as a safe, sustainable, and seriously sexy alternative to traditional linens.

China’s large area, abundant natural environment, and varied geographical and climate conditions make it a recognized destination of bamboo growth and species diversity, earning it the name “Bamboo Kingdom.”


Our proprietary Bamboo fiber bedding is the definition of modern luxury with a conscience.

  • Unlike less-sustainable, more traditional silk sheets that leave you slipping all over your mattress, or static-prone cottons that catch against your clothes and hair, our linens are like slipping into a sumptuous, cool, and comfortable bath.
  • Our substantial yet flowing fabric has a high-end sheen and lived-in authenticity on the bed. It pools around your body like a liquid — plump and buttery against your skin — offering a relaxing and restorative rest like no other. This fiber feels sensuous and supple to the touch, like a sexy second skin.
  • Moisture-wicking and temperature regulating, you’ll stay cool and dry all night long in any climate thanks to our proprietary technology.

In our Bamboo sheets, you can truly sleep safe and sound. Our bamboo bedding offers health benefits beyond undeniable comfort, making sleep more restorative than ever!

  • Bamboo fibers are clean machines: they boast antifungal, antibacterial, dust mite resistant, and generally hypoallergenic properties.
  • They’re also anti-static which means they not only protect your delicate skin and hair while you sleep, but repel sticky pet hair when your furbaby sneaks under the sheets.
And speaking of cleaning, our bamboo sheets couldn’t be easier to maintain or more made-to-last.
  • Bamboo sheets are easy to clean in low temperature machines, without fabric softener or special care.
  • They’re ultra quick-drying on a low tumble in a machine or simply hung on a line, making them energy-and-time efficient and handy for smaller apartments without washer/dryers.
  • Plus, thanks to their quick-dry nature and antimicrobial properties, they’re far less prone to mold and mildew than traditional cotton. Say sayonara to stinky sheets!

We take our Bamboo fibers to the next level by perfecting a futuristic weave that resists pilling, snags, and tears so your bedding can stand up to the washing machine, your kids, your pet’s paws, or whatever you do between the sheets (wink wink!) for years and years to come.

Bamboo bed sheets are an investment in your sleep quality, comfort, health, and the low temperature can provide years of rest, relaxation, restoration, and peace of mind to your life.

Live in the luxury of slashop’s futuristic fibers, and experience a new dimension of comfort and style.