Every time January is near, we start to think about new resolutions that can bring a good change in our lives. But while introducing a healthy diet and physical activities in your lifestyle are great goals, your home can also use some attention in 2023.
So, in 2023, along with working on yourself and adopting new habits, create a list of resolutions for your home too, such as keeping it organized or adding scratch-resistant bedding for pets. Here are a few more ideas you can add to your list for 2023.

Declutter Your House

The New Year is the best time to declutter and donate unnecessary items. This practice will clean your space and give your mental health a powerful boost. Experts believe getting rid of excess stuff makes you feel happier, calmer, and in control. Get started with the most frequently used areas, like your kitchen or bedroom.
Check every item in your space and ask yourself: Do I need this item? Do I use it regularly? Do I enjoy using it? If not, put that thing aside to donate, repurpose, or throw away. It’s better to collect the items of your entire house first and then dispose of or donate them. Several welfare organizations will be happy to take your stuff. Choose any nearest organization to donate to.

Make Your House Pet-Friendly

This tip can help pet owners make the house life of their beloved pets more enjoyable in the coming year. Making your house pet-friendly helps keep your house clean and free from unpleasant smells. You can purchase pet bowls for water and food to prevent spills. Also, offer a scratching post to your lovely fellow so that they don’t tear your furniture. Another thing you can do is use scratch and odor-resistant bedding. Bamboo and bamboo cotton bedding are unique materials that are durable and virtually snag-free. They also feature antibacterial and anti-odor properties, preventing unpleasant smells from developing on your bedding.
Besides, these materials offer pet-hair resistance, allowing your pet to sleep freely on the bed. Due to being comfortable and soft, you and your furry companion will quickly fall asleep on the bed. If it’s possible, then invest in pet-friendly apparel. These clothing items are long-lasting and aren’t easily torn by your pets. They are also classy and chic, contributing to your fashionable look. Lastly, add pet accessories to your houses, such as pet toys, a bed, or an entire playroom, so they don’t get bored when you are not around them.

Lower Your Energy Use

How about trying to improve the planet and your house at the same time? Going green is a great way to make 2023 genuinely remarkable. You can opt for different ways of going green that are most suitable for you. For instance, install solar panels or invest in a hybrid car. There are plenty of solutions that require no budget at all: keep extra lights off in your house and turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
This way, not only will you play your part in improving the earth, but also cut down on your energy bills. Also, seal and insulate your ductwork to trim energy use. This boosts the efficiency of your HVAC system by as much as 20%, preventing it from wasting energy.

Opt for User-Friendly Ways to File

If you have an office in your house, there will most likely be too many documents in your professional space. And if essential documents and paperwork are in a big pile and you don’t know where to start, start by sorting them. Get a few cardboard document wallets and label each with a category like confidential office papers or bills. Place each document or bill in the relevant wallet.
Your second step is to organize your document wallets into a meaningful and easy-to-access system. You can keep them in alphabetical order or according to their size. Keeping them color-coded is another great option.

Keep Indoor Air Clean

Indoor air quality is of great importance. Prolonged exposure to polluted air can cause health problems such as heart and respiratory diseases, and even lung cancer. The atmosphere in your living space can be full of contaminants such as pollen, dust, and mold spores. And it gets worse in winter when you keep your windows and doors shut all the time.
You can eliminate germs, bacteria, and other pathogens by regularly changing the furnace and maintaining the HVAC system. Using localized ventilation in your kitchen and bathrooms and low-VOC paints will also help you improve indoor air quality.

Look for Home Improvement Projects

Now is the time to complete the home improvement projects you left halfway through. Whether it’s a new cabinet installation in the kitchen or a fresh coat of paint in your bedroom, make it your resolution for the New Year.
You could all try out new DIY projects to give yourself a new hobby and improve the ambience in your house. Install some decorations or add a unique and personalized piece of wooden furniture. Improving your garden and introducing new plants is also a great way to welcome the New Year.

Choose Low-Maintenance and Durable Materials

This is the best time to shift your focus to items that are easy to maintain and durable. They will go a long way and will be easy to clean. Since you need little time to maintain them, you can focus on other essential things in your house instead of cleaning and repairing them.
Some things that need low maintenance are fiber cement siding, which is exceptionally stable, weatherproof, and resistant to dents, fire, and rot. LED bulbs are also a great option, as they can last for as long as 46 years!
We hope in this article you’ve found some good ideas to improve your house. It’s essential to consider your preferences, needs, budget, and quality when making changes to your home. Look for credible brands, for instance, slashop when you’re going to purchase new bedding.
December 25, 2022