Holidays are a great time for socializing but they’re just as good for recharging and having some quality downtime with your fur family. We’ve made a list of holiday-themed movies that every pet lover will enjoy. Curl up on the sofa with your fur babies and watch.

Christmas movies about cats
  1. Santa Claws
What happens if Santa is allergic to cats and is so unwell that he cannot deliver presents all over the world anymore? An adorable group of kittens saves the day!
  1. A Gift from Bob
This movie is a sequel to the 2016 film A Street Cat Named Bob. Bob’s owner finds himself on the brink of being separated from his beloved furry companion. They learn about the true meaning of Christmas as they overcome the hardships of living on the streets.
  1. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever
The internet sensation Grumpy Cat is starring in a movie. The lonely cat in a pet store is adopted by a girl. On the way home, they encounter a few adventures.
  1. The Nine Lives of Christmas
As many Christmas movies go, two people meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. But this one is special because a stray cat helps out and gets a happy end of its own.
  1. A Meowy Christmas Vacation
The story of a conspiracy theorist cat Wally who travels in time to prevent alien lizards from taking over the world in the year 2050 A.D. Not to spoil but as we all expect, the cat saves the day.
Christmas movies about dogs
  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The season’s favorite, this movie is a take on the classic Dr. Seuss story. The Grinch’s dog Max is the true star of this movie and his reindeer costume may have inspired many a Christmas photo shoot with our own pets.
  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
This movie can last you from as early as Halloween all the way into the winter holidays. Jack the Pumpkin King and his doggo Zero will take you on an adventure that’s only a little scary and a lot of fun.
  1. A Dog Named Christmas
Christmas movies don’t get more Christmassy than this one: Todd, a young man with a learning disability and passion for caring for animals, takes in a dog from the shelter weeks before Christmas. Although Todd’s family is at first resistant to the idea of adopting the dog, turns out the new family member melts everyone’s hearts and heals everyone’s pains.
  1. The Search for Santa Paws
A children’s movie originally (aren’t we all children at heart though?), it’s a heartwarming story of Santa’s puppy called Paws saving Christmas after Santa gets in an accident. This one has sequels in case you’re having a Christmas movie marathon.
  1. A Golden Christmas
This is a love story of two people, who met a long time ago when they were kids but then parted ways. Will they find each other again, and how? Hint: golden retrievers are involved.

New Christmas movie about pets released in 2022

The Dog Days of Christmas

This year’s new release that we’re looking forward to watching. Annie is visiting home for Christmas and decides to help out a local shelter. That’s how she meets her former classmate, Dylan, who’s now a veterinarian. Purr-fect setup for a romantic holiday.

We hope you enjoy the movies we picked! Happy holidays!
December 20, 2022