There are hundreds and hundreds of cat beds available in the market. While a perfect bed may sound like a bit of a fantasy, you can definitely find one that your cat will love. How to choose a good one? We share some tips.

Observe your cat’s behavior
We humans have our own ideas of what’s a comfortable sleeping place, and cats have their habits too. See where your cat likes to sleep: in your bed (that’s a whole other story), in an armchair, on a pile of clean laundry, or in a sunny spot next to the window? Try to find a bed that resembles or improves upon your cat’s favorite place. Many cats naturally love a soft, snuggly bed, so you might give one a try.
Our choice: Hand-woven bed

Consider your cat’s health
If your cats have particular health sensitivities, keep them in mind. Older cats or cats who have joint issues can benefit from a good-quality orthopedic bed. Pregnant cats will need an extra soft, well-padded bed to feel safe and comfortable. Open beds are easier to get out of, while an enclosed bed allows for more privacy, for example, if there are kids or your house tends to be busy and loud. Prioritize your cat’s current needs when you’re choosing the bed.
Our choice: Chaise-style bed

Opt for a machine-washable bed
Keeping your house or apartment clean when you have a furry friend is not easy. The best option for a cat bed is a machine-washable, easy-to-clean bed. If your cat likes to have an open sleeping space, consider less conventional options, for example, a soft cushion attached to a sofa. It will protect your sofa and give your cat plenty of room to lounge and stretch. Given how much time cats spend sleeping or napping, it only makes sense to dedicate a good amount of space for that.
Our choice: Spacious sofa cushion

Match the bed to your home’s interior, or don’t
Some pet owners prefer to buy pet accessories that blend in with the rest of the interior, to maintain a coherent style of their home. This is often possible but can limit your options, and if you decide to refresh the look of your home at some point, you’ll be looking for a pet bed and other pet accessories to match the new style.
Alternatively, some pet owners consider the functionality of pet items first and only then the looks. In the long run, this approach is more sustainable, even if sometimes the pet products you end up owning are not the prettiest.
If you’re feeling bold, you might even want to go for a cat bed that draws attention and will be an element of décor on its own. A splash of color or a funky pattern can liven up your place.
Our choice: Fruit pie bed

Choose a multifunctional bed
You likely don’t want to clutter your valuable living space with pet-related items. Look for multifunctional, multipurpose pet items, such as a bed that can double as a car seat or one that can transform into a place for sleep or play depending on what your fur baby is in the mood for. It’s best to avoid decorative items on pet furniture, such as tassels or beads, so that your pets can be safe even when you’re not watching them, but a thoughtfully designed bed can go a long way.
Our choice: Cashmere cat doughnut

Bottom line
There’s no need to compromise when it comes to choosing a cat bed. You can have an aesthetically pleasing item that your pet will enjoy using daily. What’s more, you can have a sustainable, easy-to-clean, and durable one, made with you and your pet in mind. Check out our shop to see the full range of pet beds and accessories, as well as pet-hair-resistant bedding and apparel.
November 18, 2022