Peek-a-boo Shoulder Bag Pet Carrier


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Peek-a-Boo Design for Fresh Air and Interaction

This pet carrier bag allows pets to stick out their heads, so that they can breathe fresh air and enjoy the view. Pets are naturally curious, and this design caters perfectly to their nature. Additionally, it enhances the convenience of interaction between small pets and their owners.

Safety & Security

A leash hook inside the bag prevents your pet from jumping out. We have also added a pocket with a zipper for storing pet treats, small toys, and more.

Premium Quality and Durability

This pet carrier bag is crafted from high-quality and durable fabric, ensuring comfort and easy cleaning. Sturdy stitched details on both the inside and outside seams further enhance its durability.

Easy to Carry

This shoulder bag enables you to carry small dogs and small to medium-sized cats anywhere, anytime. With your hands free, you can also carry other items while keeping your pet safe and close to you. It's a convenient choice for shopping, walking, traveling, and hiking with your furry companions.


The sizes are measured in inches.

10'' x 6.7'' x 18''


100% Polyester