Panoramic View Mesh Pet Carrier


Includes 1 pet carrier.

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Premium Scratch-Resistant Mesh

Our panoramic view carrier is made of durable and robust mesh that effectively prevents pets from scratching or tearing the it. The tote-style design with mesh panels not only ensures visibility for your pet but also provides ample fresh air circulation.

U-Shaped Opening for Security and Interaction

The U-shaped opening not only offers a sense of security for your furry friend but also facilitates easy interaction between you and your dog. The size of the opening can be adjusted to better accommodate your pet's needs.

Attention to High-Quality Details

This pet tote is equipped with a self-locking zipper design, ensuring that your pet remains securely confined within the carrier and cannot break free or escape.

Multifunctional Versatility

Beyond serving as a comfortable pet carrier, this bag is also a stylish and durable accessory for your shopping or walking adventures. You can confidently take your pet along while enjoying a fashionable outing.


The sizes are measured in inches.

16.2'' x 7.9'' x 13''


100% Polyester


Hand wash only.