Morning Mist Breeze Comforter - Pet Hair Resistant for Dogs/Cats Family

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Cooling & Absorbent

Moisture-wicking and extremely breathable fabric gives you a cool and comfortable sleep by absorbing heat and lowering your body temperature.

Pet Fur-Resistant

Our anti-static finishing effectively prevents the absorption of pet hair and fine dust and danders, and protects your hair and skin from unnecessary static friction and damage.


Regenerated fabrics are durable and resistant to scratches, bites, or even the most mischievous claws, despite how soft and refreshing they are to the touch.


Slashop achieves zero contamination during manufacturing while producing bedding and loungewear that is biodegradable, for the good of the planet.


We recommend you to follow these tips:
-Gentle wash
-Do not bleach
-Do not iron
-Do not dry clean