Hemp Sofa/Couch Cover


Includes 1 piece of sofa cover.

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Scratch & Play

This sturdy hemp fabric scratch mat is designed to protect your sofa/couch or other furniture from scratching. This mat provides an attractive surface that deters cats from scratching your furniture, rugs, and carpets.

Furniture Protection

Safeguard your precious furniture and allow your cat to indulge in scratching. No more worries about scratches and damages to your beloved pieces, and no need to constantly monitor your cat.

Natural Hemp

Crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic hemp fabric, these mats are both safe and long-lasting. The fabric offers just the right amount of resistance for a satisfying scratching session.

Claw Care

Simply place the mat over the back or arm of your sofa/couch or other items. Your cat can sharpen its claws to their heart's content while your furniture remains protected.


The sizes are measured in inches.

S: 15.7'' x 23.6''

M: 19.7'' x 31.5''

L: 23.6'' x 35.4''


100% Hemp